Experience Bellevue Township

The first settlement in Eaton County, Bellevue Township is nestled at the southern border and named because of the beautiful view observed by early settlers, reflecting the quiet, pleasant life of small town America. 

We would welcome your visit our close-knit community full of historic sites, village shops, natural parks and friendly residents. Walking through Bellevue is a great way to spend a day!

 The Village of Bellevue is located within Bellevue Township and contains our downtown area. The Township offices are located on Main street, nearby the township Library and many of our local shops and attractions. 



Water is on for the summer. Please remember that flowers and any other items left on graves must be on the headstone to prevent items from being damaged (or causing damage) during lawn mowing and weed whipping. This is especially important for hard objects like painted stones, which will become dangerous projectiles if hit by the maintenance equipment.

Any items which have become damaged or deteriorated from exposure may be collected as trash by the cemetery maintenance crew. This includes plastic flowers or flowerpots which may have been blown off graves during inclement weather. Bellevue Twp. and the maintenance crew are not responsible for items that are moved or stolen. Riverside Cemetery is open to the public and there is no way to monitor activity at the cemetery when the maintenance crew is not there.



2024  March Board of Review Meeting Notice

The Organizational meeting is Tuesday  March 5 at  10:00 am.

Assessment Appeals will be conducted on the following dates & times                                Bellevue Township Hall 121 North Main Street, Bellevue, MI

Monday  March 11

9:00 am  to  12:00 pm

1:00 pm  to  4:00 pm

Tuesday March 12

9:00 am to  12:00 pm

6:00 pm to    9:00 pm

An appointment to appeal your assessment can be scheduled with the                          Township Assessor Daniel Brunner @ (269) 964-9167

The Board of Review will meet as many days as deemed necessary to hear questions, protests and to equalize the 2024 assessments. Protest by letter needs to be sent to:    Board of Review, 9401 Huntington Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49017-9730  and must be received prior to March 7.  (ADA)  American With Disabilities Notice: The Main Entrance to the Township Hall is designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities                  The Tentative Ratios & Estimated Multipliers are as follows:

CLASS                     TENTATIVE RATIO                ESTIMATED MULTIPLIER

Agricultural                      49.64                                           1.00725

Commercial                      49.98                                          1.00040

Residential                        44.32                                           1.12816

Personal Property           50.00                                           1.00000


Resident Info

Township Office Hours

9:30am - 12:00pm | Monday, Tuesday and Thursday| 3:30pm - 6pm | Tuesday
121 N Main St., Bellevue MI 49021

Tax Info


2023 property taxes will need to be paid at the Eaton Co. Treasurer’s office in Charlotte.

For more information, contact the Township Treasurer at (269) 763-2989 or at bellevuetreasurer@wowway.biz 

Voter Info

Current elections:

There will be three elections in 2024–Presidential Primary on Tues., Feb. 27; Primary on Tues., Aug. 6 (this covers all other federal, state, and local partisan offices); and General on Tues., Nov. 5.

In addition to voting at the polls on Election Day and absentee voting, Early Voting will now be offered for all federal and state elections. Early Voting for Bellevue Twp. will be held in cooperation with most other Eaton Co. jurisdictions at the Carmel Twp. Hall.


Bellevue Township Michigan

Bellevue Township Offices
121 N Main St.,
Bellevue MI 49021

Phone: (269) 763-2989

Fax: (269) 763-9482

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
9:30am – 12:00pm

Tuesday 3:30pm – 6pm